Developing detailed marketing strategies that drive results

Here at Insightful Communications, we believe that everything we do should be purposeful, resourceful and influential and firmly believe that having a detailed marketing strategy that helps to inform the marketing plan is the place to start. But we don’t take a one size fits approach to this, instead we take our time and work with our clients to understand where they are currently with their marketing and where they would like to be. We research their industry and carry out competitor analysis to help benchmark our activity before developing a marketing strategy that we believe will help them to achieve their objectives.

Once in place and agreed, we use this strategy to create a bespoke marketing plan designed to meet the objectives set out in the strategy. We will work to the budget provided, or support our clients to agree a budget that will help them achieve the results that they are looking for.

But we don’t stop there. Once agreed we then review this on a monthly basis with our clients to ensure it is still applicable and adjust our marketing plan to meet their needs.

By taking this strategic but flexible approach, we believe that our activity will ultimately be incredibly purposeful, resourceful and of course, influential for our clients.

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