What's in a search? Your website?

Customers used to turn to paper directories to find a business, now they turn to the internet. And with the rise in website traffic comes the need to ensure that your website ranks highly for your product or services. Search Engine Optimisation is a slow burner, with research suggesting that it about three to six months for your website to starting ranking on a search engine such as Google, which let’s face it, is the big daddy of search engines!

So ask yourself this. Where does your website rank for your key product and service?

Results from SEO do not come overnight, but by using good practice and our knowledge of your business, we can easily embed Search Engine Optimisation into the wider marketing support we offer, like copywriting and website development. This approach is one of the things that make Insightful Communications so special, we look after all elements for our clients rather than them having to spend time liaising with several agencies who all work independently.

Amount of online journeys that start with search

Number of Google searches per second

A cost effective solution

The team over at Insightful were great! They took over our website development that included our SEO, saving us money and leading to a really effective marketing solution. They've made an amazing contribution and it is clear the impact it makes, well done! Thanks for all your efforts.

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