The competition is tough at the top of Google!

Google Adwords are one of the most powerful digital marketing tools available to a business. A well optimised campaign, honed to establish what works and what doesn’t, can generate incredibly cost effective results for a business. The beauty of Google Adword campaigns is that you can be incredibly accurate in targeting your audience, both in terms of key words and location, and can simultaneously advance and cultivate upon your success at a gradual pace in order to capitalise and develop on what works for your business. This allows businesses who are new to PPC (Pay Per Click) to trial it in the first instance on a targeted basis and then progress with Adwords alongside the development of a well rounded digital marketing campaign.

So ask yourself this. What is the purpose of your campaign? Do you have one?

Google Adwords are, in our opinion, an incredibly powerful marketing tactic. They can help your website to rank at the top of Google for your key services and products, however, we wouldn’t be upholding our value of transparency without stressing the importance of having a clear purpose for your campaign. A clear target audience and most importantly of all, a fantastic landing page to send all this new traffic to. As Google Adwords also bring risks (they say nothing in life is perfect) in the form of traffic and bounces. We have seen clients waste their budget because they jumped in at the deep end and didn’t know what they were doing, resulting in the wrong traffic going to their website, or the right traffic landing on a irrelevant page.

Let the Insightful Communications team work with you to understand your overall marketing and communication objectives, and where appropriate, we will work with you to embed an effective Google Adwords campaign into your marketing. We don’t believe that one size fits all and will tailor this tactic to suit your goals and support you in meeting your targets. We suggest that this tactic will only form part of your marketing strategy, if it has a defined purpose, as it will be one of the many cogs in achieving you a successful digital marketing campaign.

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