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Email marketing can be a very effective communication tool for businesses, especially when done correctly. Since the introduction of GDPR, we have seen subscriber databases decrease, but in our opinion, quality wins over quantity every time! Email marketing is a great way to stay in-touch with your customers about industry news, upcoming opportunities, promotions and successes. The content of the e-shot should be relevant to the target audience, which is where segmentation really comes in handy.

Subscribe, segment, send, evaluate

A database which consists of data that has subscribed is always a must, and we can work with clients to ensure that they are fully compliant with regards to data protection. Having accurate, detailed data allows us to segment the data to ensure that content is relevant and targeted, it also means that we can add personalisation to e-shots which will help with open and engagement rates.

Once delivered, it is important to evaluate the campaign, cleansing data where necessary and following up with those who have opened and engaged with the e-shot.

Increased B2B open rate when using emojis (Experian)

Increase in amount spent by consumers who purchase through email (Wordstream)

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