We're all social people right? So why hide it?

In an ever increasingly competitive market place, we believe that social media is key to helping you secure business. Much like your website, it forms part of your shop window. A platform that allows for two way interaction, in a sometimes very public way, customers will often check out your social media channels and website, before even picking up the phone.

So ask yourself this. What is your social media strategy? Does it exist?

Then ask yourself this: who is your target audience and what is the purpose of your social media channels? These are just some of the questions that we will help you to answer, ultimately enhancing your social media presence across the various platforms.

We have worked with clients to set-up and grow their own social media handles, using a variety of content types to help engage with their target audience based on the product/service and sector. Social media should form part of your digital content marketing strategy, and when done well, can help to harmonise your brand.

Platforms we work with

Beautifully visual with fantastic engagement, Instagram is a great platform if you images can speak a thousand words
Rich content is a must for any brand in our eyes, and YouTube is a great place to showcase it
A great platform for both B2B and B2C audiences with fantastic targeted advertising available, Facebook is a great platform
Google Business
Be sure to claim a strong position when someone searches for your company on Google by having an up-to-date Google Business listing
A great platform for interacting with your professional network, old and new. LinkedIn is the platform where professionals do business, directly and indirectly
Extend your organic reach with clever use of hashtags, engage with your target audience and keep your audience up-to-date with regular updates


We’re always happy to grab a brew and have a chat about how we could help support you with your digital marketing needs, contact us with a little more information about you and what you are looking for and we’ll be in touch soon.

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